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Types of Conformal Coatings

Acrylics: Type AR
Humiseal 1B31
Polyurethanes: Type UR
Humiseal 1A33
Hysol PC18M
Silicones: Type-SR
Dow Corning
Paralyne Type XY
Others upon request

Conformal Coating
Conformal Coating

Boards are spray coated using a specially designed machine to prevent shadowing. Coating can be sprayed, dipped or hand brushed.

Ultra-Violet Inspection
Ultra-Violet Inspection

Boards are 100% "black light" inspected and touched-up.

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Astronic Interactive Process Control Flow Diagram

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Astronic Process

Boards that require Conformal Coating are cleaned; masking is applied and coated to manufacturer's requirements. Boards are cured for the specified time. Inspection is performed and coating thickness is checked per IPC-A-610.

Order Tracking
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